Meet the Executrix


Digital Executrix

\ ˈdi-jə-tᵊl \ \ ig-ˈze-k(y)ə-(ˌ)triks \

The woman who whips your digital branding into shape.

Digital Executrix is a bespoke graphic design & web development firm for creatives, nonprofits & small businesses run by the Executrix herself. She works exclusively on referrals, and her clients agree -- she'll give you exactly you want... and then some.  #GetBranded

Graphic Design

Visual Branding

Turn Heads

Custom graphics that will satisfy your brand's online (and IRL) needs. Clean, modern, and super fun.

Web Development

WordPress Websites

Stay On Top

Responsively designed, fast-loading sites. Secure, user-friendly, and ready to take on the world. 


Tell Miz Executrix exactly what you want. She aims to please.

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Curious about the Executrix's current clients? View her Insta.

All the rumors your're hearing? They're true. Read Digital Executrix's Google Reviews.

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