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Why is branding so important?

What we see largely determines how we feel about the world around us. Neuroscience estimates that 30% of the cerebral cortex is devoted exclusively to visual processing, while only 8% is reserved for touch and just 3% for hearing. I can help you unify your messaging, both on and offline.


Experience & Qualification

  • 20+ years of published writing
  • Fluent in Adobe Creative Cloud & Canva
  • Fluent in WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix & more


Who is the Executrix?

I grew up around my parents' printing and publishing company. My first word was "logo," and I've been creating graphic art since I learned how to operate a dot-matrix printer.

These days, I collaborate with creatives, non-profits, and small businesses to develop visual and verbal vocabularies for their brands. I love storytelling in all its many forms, and I've got a knack for translating my clients' needs into head-turning marketing materials.

My real identity isn't a secret, but who doesn't love a little mystery?


Sustainability Commitment

More than great branding, I love a healthy planet. That's why I partner with SiteGround, which emits three times less CO2 per site visit and matches 100% of renewable energy at their data centers. SiteGround's servers even use three times less energy than the average website. For printed materials, I work with FSC Certified 4Over4.


Accessibility Over Aesthetics

I ensure all sites I construct meet ADA accessibility standards and aim to make the internet a more inclusive and welcoming place for all.


Background image by Alexander Krivitskiy

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