A Note from the Executrix

Well, hello there. Thanks for stopping by.

When I was little, my parents owned a printing and publishing company. My first word was "logo." I've been creating graphic art since their Apple IIe computer could print out dot-matrix banners.

Many moons later, my interest in design has expanded beyond lusting after cans of Pantone ink. I love fashion, architecture, interior design, and fine art, and I'm a sucker for well-designed, sustainble packaging. I'm also interested in the intersection between design and technology and the ways that it can reduce suffering around the world.

Humans are visual creatures: Neuroscience estimates that 30% of the cerebral cortex is devoted exclusively to visual processing, compared to only 8% for touch and a measly 3% for hearing. What we see largely determines how we feel about the world around us. This is why great design is so important. When I work with clients, I listen to their stories and repeat back their narratives in visual form. A picture's worth... you know the rest.

My identity isn't a secret (there's a prize if you find out my real name), but who doesn't love a little mystery? I like to live life on a tightrope. Take risks -- be fearless. You just might get more than you ever dreamed of.

The Executrix
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