Web Development

Get branded.

The Digital Executrix gets down and dirty to deliver the best in custom WordPress website development. Using top of the line security, reliability, and search engine optimization, she creates modern, responsive designs that look great on screens of all sizes.

Additional services include:


Blog Editing

Social Media Strategy

SEO Targeting

Mailing List Integration

Other App Integration

Website Maintenance

The Executrix partners with SiteGround for the best in WordPress hosting and email services. Into another kind of website? That's cool--so's the Executrix. She's dabbled in Squarespace and Wix and lots of other CMSs. She can help you there, too.


Operation Blankets of Love

Custom logo, web development, social media branding, social media content, and SEO analysis.


Charles Papert

Custom web development.

<a href="https://scirens.com">Scirens</a>


Custom web development, social media branding, social media content, and blog content.

Preposterous Universe

Preposterous Universe

Custom logo and web development.

<a href="https://hilarygreer.net">Hilary Greer</a>

Hilary Greer

Custom web development.

<a href="https://jilllawrencehealth.com">Jill Lawrence Health</a>

Jill Lawrence Health

Custom logo and web development.


Gia Mora

Custom web development, graphic design, and social media branding/content.


Natalie Forte Wellness

Custom web development.

<a href="https://jasonlott.com">Jason Lott</a>

Jason Lott

Custom web development.

<a href="https://cocktailpartyphysics.com">Cocktail Party Physics</a>

Cocktail Party Physics

Custom logo and web development.


Rick Chinisci Music

Custom logo, print materials, and web development.

<a href="https://jillmaglione.com">Jill Maglione</a>

Jill Maglione

Custom web development and headshot editing.


Einstein's Girl

Custom graphic design, print materials, web development, and video editing.


Lindsey Hutchison

Custom web development.


Mindscape Podcast

Custom web development and podcast setup.

<a href="https://wendraswellness.com">Wendra's Wellness</a>

Wendra's Wellness

Custom web development and blog editing.

The Digital Executrix works online.*

Rates are determined on a project by project basis. The Digital Executrix will make you an offer you can't resist.

*If you are based in Los Angeles, she can meet in person. Travel fees applicable.